General Data Protection Regulation requirements – Microsoft Cloud Agreement customer acceptance confirmation

Hereby we would like to inform you about some important changes relevant to your current cloud subscriptions.

The Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) is the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program customer agreement, detailing applicable use rights and governing a customer’s use of Microsoft cloud services. MCA terms are refreshed and re-published on an annual basis, with this year’s updated version effective from 1 September 2017. As a Microsoft partner we are responsible for reviewing Microsoft’s terms and conditions, including the acceptable use of Microsoft products and services with customers.

It is our commitment to helping our customers stay compliant and to support this new requirement, we are enabling new functionalities that allows you to confirm and accept the MCA through a newly designed registration form accessible through the Inova Customer Portal. Below you will find the steps to take to accept the MCA.


  1. Go to the Inova Customer Portal and log in
  2. Click on ‘edit account information’
  3. Verify registration form and accept the MCA
  4. Click the save button
  5. A confirmation pop-up will be shown with a message
  6. Your company’s legal representative will receive an email with the document and needs to sign it
  7. After signing the document, via DocuSign, click on the ‘finish’ button
  8. Your legal representative will receive a confirmation email with the registration confirmation
  9. If other items are changed in the registration form, we will receive a notification of the update and accept it (you will receive a confirmation email)

The new designed registration form will be available in the Inova Customer Portal as of November 26, 2018.

Important: after November 26, 2018 any Microsoft cloud purchases or changes cannot be processed without accepting the MCA. We recommend you sign and submit the accepted MCA as soon as possible to keep benefiting from all the features the portal has to offer. Visit our website for more information.

New Feature: You can now edit your registration information directly from the Inova Customer Portal. Visit the portal and check it out!

If you’d like any further information regarding the new MCA terms, the Inova team will be more than happy to help – call us on +1 (305) 432 9070 or email

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