By Jasper Kraak

By now we all know Microsoft has become a “Security Company”. Their current portfolio on Security, Compliance and Governance is unmatched. By now most Organizations realize their Security posture is not what it should be. Not to mention their Compliance and Governance posture.

Plenty of Office 365 customers come to me for a Solution for a specific issue they encounter. Ransomware, spoofing, account breaches, compliance requirements, you name it. They perform some searches on the Internet and find an Add-On Subscription to remediate their issue. That is reactive. Out of my experience I know for sure they’ll be back before long with another issue and another Add-On to remediate. Reactive once more.

Let’s stop doing that. Let’s start being pro-active. Digital transformation is nothing more than “loosing old habits and creating new habits”. How do we get there? Not by enumerating factsheets of the capabilities of the products. We get there by showing Business Decision Makers what the threats are from the Business and User perspective. Then we show them how to remediate those threats and what that looks like from the Business and User perspective. Loved by Users, trusted by IT. Pro-active. Let the always present Mr. Murphy die a slow but certain death.

Having these presentations and conversations with customers creates instant transformation: Value is more relevant than Cost. So, we can stop talking about Add-Ons and we can start talking about the complete packages. They bring Value.

Oops, is this a Sales pitch?

Happy protecting!

Jasper Kraak