Meet Inova Solutions' Azure Task Force

Meet Inova Solutions' Azure Task Force

Implementing Azure services right starts here!

Being on the cloud is not just a migration process. It's about transforming technology, resources and processes to turn your business into a more scalable, elastic and resilient machine. 

What is Microsoft Azure? 

Azure is a cloud computing service provided by Microsoft. Through datacenters managed by Microsoft, the service allows its users to operate their applications and services online. Inova Solutions is a Cloud Solutions Provider with an outstanding Gold partnership with Microsoft, and is licensed to provide Microsoft Azure services. We operate in the Caribbean and Ecuador. 

What is the Inova Solutions Azure Task Force? 

The Azure Task Force has been created by Inova Solutions to help our clients adopt true digital transformation by deploying Microsoft Azure services the right way. The task force follows a guiding philosophy, which is an adaption of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework. This six-step guide helps the task force determine the cloud solutions your business needs based on your objectives. It is designed to generate value.

Azure Task Force's Digital Journey 

  • Step 1: Strategize 

Together with the task force, you define the motivations and business objectives behind your digital transformation and adjust where necessary. The task force works together with you to (1) formulate measurable objectives and (2) create the best strategies to reach these objectives, with security and compliance at the forefront.

  • Step 2: Plan 

The task force guides you in mapping your business strategy to the right technology and services. We'll help you determine if existing tools should simply be migrated or re-architected.

  • Step 3: Ready-up  

The task force supports you in preparing your team, environments and business processes for the transformation. Think about setting up IT staff trainings or taking note of potential down time and notifying users.


  • Step 4: Execute 

Perform the actual project or migration together. The focus will be on reinforcing adoption - working alongside your staff. 

  • Step 5: Govern 

Ensure all security, compliance and governance requirements are in place before going competely live.  

  • Step 6: Manage  

Go live with the new solution. Monitor performance, adjusting and reassessing if necessary. You continue your digital transformation journey while also being aware if any adjustments are needed. 

Why the Azure Task Force & Inova Solutions?

One thing is absolutely sure: 

  • Digital transformation means change – and this can cause friction in any organization. 

The Azure Task Force has been created to avoid just this. It is guided by a clear step-by-step plan to reduce the friction of digital transformation in your organization. Take the right path the first time with the Azure Task Force – you can trust us to get you where you need to be!  

Book an online appointment with the Azure Task Force at no cost!

Book an online appointment with the Azure Task Force at no cost!

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