Why We Want to Eliminate Our Internal Email at Inova

Why We Want to Eliminate Our Internal Email at Inova

Why We Want to Eliminate Our Internal Email at Inova

January 27, 2020

  • Technology adoption is a decision for company executives, not IT managers.
  • Effective leaders understand the business value of adopting new technology.


Effective communication is a cornerstone of any company’s success. But email is not necessarily the best way to communicate with colleagues and clients.

There are obvious deficiencies baked into the text-heavy, near-obsolete medium. It’s not just that emails are scatter-shot, uneditable once sent, and easily lost, forgotten or deleted. More than that, email can be a counterproductive mode of communication, one that creates busy-work, stunts real-time collaboration, and creates distraction or worse, information overload.  

“Email culture is toxic. For many of us, the sheer number of the messages we receive in our inboxes is overwhelming. When it comes to creating an effective internal communication strategy, it’s time to consider the alternatives,” Jasper Kraak, Solution Architect of Inova, said.

Beyond the narrow world of email, there are several communication tools that enable proactive collaboration. Microsoft’s Yammer, for example, includes built-in voice chat and video call functions that enhance real time conversation and face-to-face interaction.

As Solution Architect, Kraak’s goal is to find technology solutions that meet Inova’s specific needs and add value to its business processes. And he’s ready to make at least one radical decision—to get rid of all internal emails at Inova Solutions.

“The question is not if or how Inova can use email better. The question is whether email is the best foundation for our organization’s internal communications solution. That’s not an IT discussion; that’s an executive leadership business decision,” Kraak said.

Straddling the roles of C-level executive and technology expert, Kraak is a stickler for pinpointing the specific business value to be derived from implementing any technical solution.

“Corporate communications is just one example of how technology implementation affect the business culture and bottom line. That’s why C-level execs should be developing strategies to make their technology spend more effective, not just efficient. Efficiency is about doing things right. Effectiveness is about doing the right things. To understand the value of technology, business leaders should not just ask if and how it works, but why it matters in the first place.”

Kraak explores this and other business leadership perspectives in the Inova Webinar Series. Click here to find out more about our January 30th webinar on How We’ve Implemented New and Innovative Technology at Inova. In this webinar you will learn the cost of not moving away from email.

The Inova Webinar Series is free of charge and registration is required. Join us on the last Thursday of every month for a series of expert-led webinars, as we share insights to help you empower innovation in your organization. Our panel of experts are ready to answer all your technical enquiries via our online chat. Sign up now to take part, and check out our Youtube channel to keep up with the whole webinar series.

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