Ecuadorian Wood Supplier Enhances Customer Service Experience

Ecuadorian Wood Supplier Enhances Customer Service Experience

Inova Solutions successfully created a tracking system for orders from Aglomerados Cotopaxi customers thanks to the use of Microsoft technologies, which helped the company provide a better service to its customers. By providing accurate, real-time information on orders, the company experienced an increase in sales and growth in its customer base.

In today's world, access to essential information is not just a necessity, it is something we hope to get at our fingertips; we are no longer willing to wait, because, at the end of the day, information is just a click away.

A gesture, a written word, and the result we expected come out. Although we do not know the processes behind the construction of such information-filled portals, we demand that the information be ready for us. This is a great truth, and even more so when we order articles; placing an order, whether we do it online or not, produces an automatic reaction in everyone's mind: we immediately want to know when our order will arrive, whether it's pizza, clothes, a computer or something more complex, we simply head to the tracking app, tracking website or anything like that and if it's not available,  we call the customer service line, just to satiate that anxiety generated by waiting.

Now, one of the companies with the highest sales in agglomerates in the region, with the national and international establishment and with very significant reforestation projects for the environment; It has an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certification that verifies the correct management of forests and plantations so that they comply with strict international standards of Responsible Forest Management, based on social, environmental and economic criteria. Although at first, it was a local supplier, this company has become an international reseller, through an affiliated company. Today, wood boards produced in Ecuador are exported to several countries, and in particular to the United States.

Lost in transition

While the production and sales side of the business has been progressively automated in response to the increase in supply for export, this was not the case with traceability or, in other words, the tracking of all processes in each order. Customers placing an order had no idea where their products would be at any given point in the shipping process. In essence, this meant that there was no information available and, if there was, it would probably be outdated or incorrectly transmitted to foreign customers this added to other problems such as the language barrier, poor lines of communication, and pressure on those who have to provide information to exasperated customers, you get a recipe for failure. Then came 2020 and with that, the pandemic. The situation became more complicated because for months the staff was not in the office to attend to customer inquiries. Management began to get nervous, as customers began to divert their orders to other suppliers who could provide them with better and more immediate information, at a similar cost.

Fernando Girón, IT Application Analyst at this company had already seen the change in productivity they obtained with Microsoft 365. He witnessed firsthand how well it worked with the help of Inova Solutions his preferred provider of Microsoft-related technologies. Fernando and his colleagues worked closely with the Technical Staff at Inova Solutions for the implementation of the solution, and then with our own Microsoft Certified Trainers to provide training on the use of Microsoft Office 365. "Inova Solutions must have the solution to this problem," Fernando thought, so he contacted Enrique Cruz, a member of the Ecuador national team who had helped them in the past.

Fernando recalled that Enrique spoke earlier about integrating customer-centric solutions into SharePoint, and at the time also about the benefits of Power Apps and Power Automate.  Perhaps Enrique and the Inova Solutions team could help.

A partner for the best solution

The parties hosted a meeting in Microsoft Teams and reviewed the different options available to resolve the issue. The technicians made it sound so simple that Fernando wondered if it would be that easy to solve. They talked about SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Power Apps, and Power Automate.  A solution could be created using the same tools they already had. When Inova Solutions submitted a proposal using Microsoft technologies, at such a low cost that management thought it was a mistake, everyone agreed to give it a try. After all, Inova Solutions had already helped them in the past and became a trusted partner.

And it worked. Within three months, this company and its affiliated entity had a portal for the customer to access to obtain information about their orders in transit, with all the relevant details and, most importantly, near real-time status information. Whether an order is being prepared, ready to ship, in transit, or at customs, immediate updates are now available to the user. No more disgruntled customers. No more unattended calls, giving incorrect and outdated information. With a click of the mouse, real-time information is finally available to those interested.

'No Words'

"There are no words to describe how this solution impacted our operation," says Fernando. "Increased sales, an increase in customer satisfaction, and the ability to get our staff to perform other tasks, rather than providing information they sometimes didn't even have at hand, have impressed our company in a tremendously positive way. Our customer base is growing at the same time because we can provide accurate and timely information, existing customers are increasing their orders because they know when they will receive their products and therefore properly forecast consumption and sales. We properly forecast consumption and sales. Our staff is also in a better place. There is no need to have our people in the office. They can work remotely; with the security that their own homes provide and, at the same time, provide better service to customers. Imagine how much has changed," says Fernando Girón. "Enrique Cruz and Inova Solutions have helped us to take a step forward in sales, in our quality of service and organization. What was a complex problem has now become a business advantage, in just three (03) months. And more notably, it's been done with moderate investment, using a set of Microsoft tools we already had. This is proof that having the right partner makes all the difference and a statement when it comes to our trust in Microsoft."

(*) Enrique Cruz is an Information Technology Engineer with an MBA in Marketing and Sales. With considerable experience in IT infrastructure and security management, Enrique is changing the way companies deploy and use Microsoft technology in Ecuador. Clients such as Jabonería Wilson, Automotores y Anexos (AYASA), Edimca y Aglomerados Cotopaxi, Fabara Abogados, Corporación Superior, GAD Municipalidad de Ambato, and others are experiencing the benefits of Power Apps and Power Automate, turning manual processes into readymade solutions within the reach of colleagues and clients, making the power of information available to everyone.

(*) At Inova Solutions, we are rewriting our customers' history, providing out-of-the-box solutions that turn challenges into opportunities. Our journey is based on a customized methodology for Microsoft Azure adoption and deployment through our own "Azure Workgroup" and the "Inova Solutions Cloud Productivity Improvement Solution," which specifically focuses on the challenges of increasing the use of Microsoft 365 in the workplace.

Inova Solutions has demonstrated commitment, determination, and focus in the implementation and utilization of Microsoft technologies. This approach and passion for Microsoft Cloud have resulted in an annual increase in Microsoft Cloud sales of more than 78%. And we're not done with the fiscal year yet. This demonstrates that Inova Solutions is growing not only in sales but also because it provides tailor-made solutions and unsurpassed technical support.