Is your business infrastructure ready for the hurricane season?

Is your business infrastructure ready for the hurricane season?

June 30th, 2021 | 3 minute read

With the evolution of technology, customers nowadays expect you to offer uninterrupted service, no matter what type of business you run. For your customers, it doesn’t matter if it’s hurricane season, if there is a volcano eruption nearby or if your company has been a recent target of a ransomware attack.

Luckily, it's quickly becoming easier to ensure that your business can run with little disruption in case of any event with Backup and Disaster Recovery.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) concludes in a research conducted in 2020 (sponsored by Microsoft) that business continuity and disaster recovery ‘is a business imperative’. “Organizations simply cannot afford to put off business continuity and disaster recovery planning any further”, says the IDC.

According to the research, 93% of organizations had been attacked by malware/ransomware in the last 24 months, while 83% of organizations can expect a successful malware/ransomware intrusion. Furthermore, fewer than 50% of applications are protected by a disaster recovery plan, meaning that many organizations are not prepared for a ‘large-scale recovery situation’. Think about a hurricane or another natural disaster.

Backup vs. Disaster Recovery: What's the difference?

Although the keywords Backup and Disaster Recovery might make you think of the same solution ensuring business continuity, they are different from each other. Here's why:



Backups save you in case of accidental deletion or data corruption of an application component. They can preserve a functional and application-consistent copy of your data, which ensures additional fixes aren't required to restore the data.

There are several cases where a backup can be useful:

  • To secure your data from the growing threat of ransomware

  • In case of accidental deletion, where someone accidentally deletes critical data

  • In case of data corruption

  • For long term retention and archiving of data, in order to meet compliance mandates

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the process restoring the functionality of an application in case of a catastrophic loss, says Microsoft.

In the following cases, disaster recovery is useful:

  • In case of an outage due to a hurricane, earthquake or other catastrophic event, your business apps and workloads can keep running on physical and virtual machines (VMs), failing over from a primary site to a secondary location

  • For migration: When migrating your workloads, there is little impact on production during replication, with a couple of minutes of downtime

  • For Development and Testing (Dev/Test) environments: Copy your production environment with Test Failover.

Business Continuity in the Cloud

So, why focus on a strategy in the Cloud? According to IDC, the primary reasons for an IT team’s inability to recover data quickly and restore business operations have always been:

  • The complexity of on-premise infrastructures;

  • The high cost of disaster recovery solutions

Furthermore, on-premise backup solutions are sensitive to both human error and infrastructure component failure.

But according to IDC, organizations can leverage the on-demand capabilities of Cloud for easy-to-provision, reliable infrastructure or use a Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution to entirely outsource backup. Their research has shown that backup in the cloud can be 76% faster and data recovery 66% faster than on-premise.

“Solid, reliable backup/recovery is foundational to business continuity and disaster recovery”, says IDC. Organizations that have implemented business continuity and disaster recovery in the Cloud ‘have experienced the perfect combination: faster, more reliable recovery, with lower cost of ownership and a fast Return on Investment’.

Creating a business Continuity Strategy

A solid and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery strategy is imperative for any business. At Inova Solutions, we've bundled our expert knowledge of the Cloud in the Azure Task Force. This team of Microsoft Certified Cloud experts can help you create a reliable business continuity strategy in the Cloud.

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Source: Business Continuity in the Cloud: Simple, Secure, and Cost-effective, International Data Corporation (IDC), 2020 /Microsoft Azure

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Be prepared with a business continuity strategy

Be prepared with a business continuity strategy

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