Get flexibility for your business

What will you achieve in Microsoft Cloud?

Explore the operational, financial, and compliance and management benefits of moving to the Cloud.

Optimize costs and migrate data with confidence

• Save money with the most cost-effective offers for Windows Server and SQL Server

• Become energy efficient and sustainable by moving on-premises datacenters to cloud

Stay secure and resilient across hybrid environments

• Protect workloads across your hybrid environments with intelligent security services 

• Use built-in resilience to avoid costly business interruptions

Scale your applications and workloads on demand

• Increase agility with best-in-class Azure IaaS that scales to your business needs

• Reduce operational burden with fully managed application and database services in Azure

Get flexibility for your business. Connect with an expert.

Get flexibility for your business. Connect with an expert.

Support your remote workers, increase cost efficiency and your protect your data. Contact the Inova Solutions Azure Task Force.
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Core benefits of cloud migration

Technical benefits

Moving to the Cloud simplifies the deployment and management of infrastructure and allows your business to quickly scale based on demands.

• Scalability

• Availability

• Security and compliance

• Capacity optimization

Financial benefits

Elasticity and scaling on-demand are huge shifts that can help improve how you manage, maintain, and pay for your cloud. Cloud is flexibility. Get more out of what you pay for and move away from fixed and upfront spend.

• OPEX (Operational Expense) pricing models

• Reduced datacenter footprint

• Staff productivity

• Sustainability

Compliance and management benefits

Azure can help you manage regulatory challenges.

• Improve agility in responding to new and ever-changing national and international regulations

• Enhance the overall productivity of auditing and compliance teams as well as IT support

• Reduce unplanned downtime and minimize the use of help desk

Operational benefits

Expedite operational capacity while reducing IT overhead costs

• Gain efficiencies

• Raise reliability

• Add scale while saving costs

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About Inova Solutions

Inova Solutions is the Microsoft trusted provider of cloud services in the Caribbean, with an outstanding Gold Partnership. Its mission is to “Empower organizations of all sizes to create business advantage by adopting digital transformation”. Inova Solutions' focus is to help organizations ensure business continuity by embracing the smart use of technology. The main priority is to establish the ultimate customer experience driving transformational change. We are committed to excellence in evolving Microsoft technologies and maximizing the benefits that clients receive by skillfully implementing Microsoft solutions.