Inova Store - Conveniencia a su alcance

The Convenient Way to Manage your Cloud Services

After launching the Inova Customer Portal, we’re excited to announce that we are upgrading our Customer Portal to a brand new Inova Store to enhance your experience. 
With the new design, you can also request Services directly from the Inova Store. While managing your subscriptions, purchasing cloud products and searching for the right solutions using our self-service portal. This is only available for customers that are enrolled in the Cloud Solution Program (CSP).  
This self-service platform enables you to monitor and optimize the value of your cloud services at all times. The Inova Store makes it easy to gain insights into software spending and provides the ability to adjust the current and add new subscriptions real-time. 

The automated platform will facilitate with: 

  • Adding New Cloud Products through the Inova Store; 
  • Create Service Requests (new)
  • Wider variety of items in the Inova Store (new);  
  • Real Time Subscription Management; 
  • Improved User Friendliness. 


At Inova, we strive to improve our service to meet your needs. Keep the Store in the loop as we will be adding more functionalities, all to make your experience of the new Inova Store much better for you.  

What you need to know? 

To gain access to our Inova Store, simply Sign In with your Office 365 account. 
Take note: We highly encourage all our customers to visit the Inova Store. This will be the new way to manage your cloud portfolio. 

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