Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services

Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services

This year has proven what we have already known for a while: a digital-oriented strategy is the way forward for any financial service provider. This fact will probably continue to become more evident in the coming years.

During this virtual event, Inova Solutions will dive in to the recent developments in this region's financial services field regarding digital transformation. In this context, our experts will focus on opportunities to further empower financial services. Think about leveling up security, implementing zero trust and changing user bevhior for the new remote working norm. 

Prepare yourself for remarkable insights in the digital transformation journey only the experts at Inova Solutions can provide.



Why should you attend?

Attend the Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services on Nov. 25 from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM (UTC-4). You'll learn about: 


  • Online Customer Facing Presence

  • Building Zero Trust Into Your Organization

  • Changing User Behavior for the New Remote Working Norm


You will have the opportunity to ask our experts questions in our Q&A. Join this event to discuss opportunities to further elevate financial services! This event is at no cost and will be carried out in the English language. 

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What's on the agenda?

  • 9:30 AM Welcome & Intro

  • 9:45 AM Keynote 

  • 10:10 AM Your Online Customer Facing Presence  

  • 10:35 AM Building Zero Trust into Your Organization

  • 11:00 AM Client Story

  • 11:20 AM Changing User Behavior for the New Remote Working Norm

  • 11:45 AM Knowledge Check - Q&A panel

  • 12:00 PM Closing


Meet our speakers

Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services

Jeroen Nederkoorn
Territory Manager 

Jeroen is our Dutch flying man and leads Inova's Caribbean customers to their journey to the cloud. Jeroen has extended experience developing cloud strategies to get organizations onboarded.

Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services

Jasper Kraak
Solution Architect

Jasper's key objective as a Consultant, Trainer (MCT), Speaker and Blogger is to apply technology the most effective way to provide the highest long-term Business Value for his customers.

Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services

Jermaine McDonald
Solutions Specialist

Jermaine works with customers to implement solutions that will impact their business, customers, employees and ultimately their bottom line. He's interested in seeing companies grow, mature and evolve using technology.

Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services

Dalean Barnett
Solution Specialist

Dalean is a passionate human being with an unwithering love for technology. Currently, he is focusing on Azure and helping customers to make the transition to cloud. Security plays a major role in this transition and Dalean helps customers to secure their workloads as they transition, ensuring they secure they investment in cloud, literally.

Inova Virtual Event: Empowering Financial Services

Federico Muller
Modern Workplace Specialist at Microsoft

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in ICT.  He has been a consultant and project leader in various areas, from infrastructure, security, automation, and efficiency in technology management.

He worked in the public sector as director of information technologies, leading digital transformation and innovation projects both for the internal government as well as for the citizen.

He has exercised academic roles in Research, Innovation and Development. Within Microsoft he has had various roles aimed at helping customers in digital transformation processes. Currently its role is aimed at transforming the workspace by adopting strategies and technologies focused on productivity.

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