Inova Jamica Adoption Sessions

Inova Jamica Adoption Sessions

Are you interested in joining our upcoming Power Up with Power Apps session

Assembling the correct team and ensuring that you have a list of business goals that you want to achieve with the help of Office 365 is very important throughout your launch and rollout planning. This is how you make Office 365 relevant to your people and it will also help secure buy-in across your organization.

Creating and leveraging Office 365 Champions within your organization is another important stakeholder group in driving Office 365 adoption.

There are a range of activities, templates, event and training tips that will help you in planning for a successful Office 365 adoption. While it is ideal to utilize each of these resources to achieve maximum adoption, we understand that it is not always practical based on timelines and resources. 

Inova Solutions Jamaica, offers Adoption Session based on specific Apps and Solutions to help you maximize your Organization's Adoption and or initiate the adoption process of O365 products. 

The adoption session is given in a classroom like setting for 3 hours (9 AM - 12 PM). The sessions vary in topics and are focused on Apps such as Teams, PowerApps and SharePoint.

Agenda Structure:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to the App
  • What can the app do?
  • Data Sources
  • Demo 
  • Refreshment break 
  • Demo environment setup
  • Solving real problems
  • Q&A

Our speaker:

Dalean Barnett - Technical Support Engineer

Join us for our upcoming adoption session " Power Up with PowerApps" on March 19, 2020 for only USD. 500 (including snacks)

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