What's next? Microsoft's New Commerce Experience

What's next? Microsoft's New Commerce Experience

Microsoft has started the transition to the New Commerce Experience (NCE), introducing a more simplified approach to purchasing solutions.

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About Microsoft's New Commerce Experience

As of March 10th, all new subscriptions are being provisioned through the NCE licensing model. Existing subscriptions (no commitment) can be transitioned to the NCE committed subscriptions, or they can remain a legacy CSP subscription. You can find your subscription renewal dates on the Subscription page in the Inova Solutions Customer portal.

What are the most important changes? 

  • All new subscriptions (provisioned through the NCE) will be invoiced for the full term once the order is confirmed.
  • New monthly term subscription option lets you cancel or reduce seat counts in any given month.
  • Annual and multiyear pricing offers best value, which means you save money when committing longer.
  • Annual and multi-year pricing offers long-term price protection.
  • Switch from monthly to annual term whenever you need.
  • You can cancel your subscription within 7 days (168 hours). After this period, you will not be able to cancel, reduce or change the term of your subscription. When changes are made within these 7 days, you will only be charged for the pro-rated use of the subscription.