Greater security at lower cost with the expertise and power of Microsoft Security solutions


You opened the security safe!

That was quite easy, right? But you wouldn't want your company's data to be this easy to get to! In fact, you want the ultimate security for your sensitive data. Deposit your trust in Inova Solutions, book an appointment with us. We'll guide you to:

Reduce costs with an integrated solution

  • Protect against every intrusion scenario by consolidating to a single provider and dashboard, eliminating extra IT security infrastructure 
  • Empower coordination of protection, detection, response, and prevention across both Microsoft and 3rd party solutions on one platform
  • Securely manage ID & access across devices
  • Reduce licensing costs up to 52% with integrated cloud solutions, a significantly lower TCO than a patchwork approach 


Secure hybrid environments effectively

  • Protect against other cloud and on-premises infrastructure as organizations move to public clouds
  • Reinforce and keep pace with growth in security data 
  • Accelerate security outcomes while reducing hardware and operational costs


Employ the world’s largest and most trusted security presence

  • Best in class across five security solutions categories
  • Ensure confidence with Microsoft Security’s impeccable legacy.
  • Trust resources that process a greater volume of data than anywhere else
  • Fight against threats with config monitoring, EDR, application control, network segmentation (with support extending to container and serverless workloads)
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Find out more

Simplify and fortify security with Microsoft
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