Manage and monitor on-premises and multi-Cloud environments alongside each other

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Successfully running a business does not just mean making a large profit. It also means having your internal operations run smoothly, so you can run your business optimally. In a lot of cases, companies struggle to control and govern an IT (Information Technology) environment as it increases in complexity.

Your IT department’s job is to make sure everything IT-related runs smoothly, even with a complex environment that extends across data centers, multiple Clouds, and edge

The name Azure Monitor says it all: it’s a monitoring service to keep track of anything and everything that produces metrics and logs inside Azure. The service allows you to automatically send alerts or take remediation steps based on diagnostic data produced by your Azure infrastructure.

Let’s first dive into the key features that Azure Monitor delivers:

  • Implement consistent inventory, management, governance, and security for your servers across your environment.

  • Configure Azure VM extensions to use Azure management services to monitor, secure, and update your servers.

  • View logs and metrics for your Azure Arc enabled resources as a unified experience, whether you are using the Azure portal, the Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, or Azure REST API.

Monitoring is an important part of making sure things run smoothly, but this can get complicated in an increasingly complex environment, for example running multi-cloud and on-premise environments alongside each other. Let us introduce you to Azure Arc. In short, this service helps you to extend the capabilities of several technologies (such as Azure Monitor, Azure Policy, and ARM templates) past the limits of Azure (Cloud) and into your on-premise datacenter or even other public clouds.

Monitoring (multi-)Cloud and on-premises environments with Azure Arc

As mentioned before, Azure Monitor can be used on Azure Arc enabled resources (whether it’s on-premise or on other public clouds) so you can monitor them the same way you would a resource in Azure.

If you run complex infrastructure, Inova Solutions can help you deploy monitoring of all environments on a single pane of glass where you can:

  • Automatically apply security, compliance, and patching policies 

  • Set up notifications based on key events

  • Automate response to key events

  • Build dashboards with telemetry of monitored assets

  • Manage and govern Kubernetes clusters at scale

  • Use a GitOps-based configuration as code management to deploy applications and configuration across one or more clusters directly from a source control, such as GitHub


How do Azure Monitor and Azure Arc fit together?

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