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We are the solution for any project or challenge in your IT environment!

What solutions are you looking for?

​​​​​​✅ Cloud Security Assessment

Inova’s Cloud Security Assessment focuses on providing visibility into the current configurations across the clients’ Microsoft 365 cloud environment and recommending the best-practice configurations to improve their security. Discover more here >

✅ Azure Security Assessment

Get a broad description for the security status of your Cloud environment, and recommendations on how to eliminate threats. Discover more here >

Threat Assessment

This threat assessment is a security service, with multi-phase activities. The assessment is very deep- rooted. Discover more here >

✅ Cloud Migration Services

Get better efficiency, higher speed, and better compatibility with an organization’s needs, better tools and support, affordability, and, perhaps most importantly, increased security. Discover more here >

✅ Adoption trainings

Train your employees and increase their knowledge so they can quickly adopt your IT solutions.

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Why should I choose Inova Solutions for my IT services?

  • Reduce your service management costs when you let us assess and support your environment

  • Receive effective incident support and run Microsoft projects successfully

  • Our services are focused on simplifying solutions, making our activities more transparent for our clients and create quicker adoption

  • Receive support from highly skilled Microsoft certified technicians to help you solve any issues (English, Spanish and Dutch)

How do I contact the Solutions Delivery Department?

If you're thinking of implementing a Cloud project, or are facing an issue in your IT environment, simply send an e-mail to support@inovacorporation.com to get started. Once our IT specialists have a clear view of the services you require and the level of urgency, we will send you an overview of the cost associated with these services for approval before we proceed.