Inova Essentials Kit

Inova Essentials Kit

Empower your team by helping them accomplish more, faster with simple file sharing, real-time co-authoring, and online meetings - all accessible anywhere.

Many companies are fixated on ensuring business continuity while following instructions to Work from Home (WFH). While working remotely sounds simple, it is crucial to have the right tools to execute this. As a contribution to the movements to #StopTheSpread and #WFH Inova would like to introduce the Inova Essentials Kit.

What is the Inova Essentials Kit?

The Inova Essentials kit is a free 6-month Microsoft Office 365 E1Trial (including Microsoft Teams) with an additional package configuration service. This package comes with the support of our experts who will get you all setup in less than 24 hours while ensuring your company is operating in a secure environment.

What’s included: 

This Essentials kit includes web-based Office apps and business services for 6 months, such as: 

  • Package configuration (consulting hours to implement the product – 1 day, by Inova In-house experts) 
  • Chat, meetings, video conferencing and screensharing
  • Document collaboration 
  • Five layers of security and monitoring help keep your data safe 
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime 

Please note this offer does not include desktop apps. To better comprehend what the available features are click here

Who is eligible?

This offer is geared towards organizations that have a Microsoft Account rep and haven’t activated any Office 365 E1 trials in the past. Unfortunately, Microsoft cannot cater to all users, therefore this won’t be eligible for those that fit the scenarios listed below:

  • This offer isn’t available for GCC, GCC High, DoD, or EDU customers.
  • For GCC, check out the Office 365 G1 Trial.
  • EDU customers should use the free Office 365 A1 license. (This is also available at Inova, request here)


How do I get started? 

If you are an eligible candidate then you can sign up here for the trial. If you feel you need to connect with us before making this step, please email us at sales@inovacorproration.com you can also use the chat window located on the bottom right corner.  

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Get your 180 days for free now

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