Inova Solutions enters elite partnership with Global IT Alliance

Inova Solutions enters elite partnership with Global IT Alliance

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

WILLEMSTAD - Inova Solutions and the Global IT Alliance (GITA), a network of professional IT partners, have recently agreed to a partnership that enables Inova Solutions to offer more and better service to its customers. This partnership allows Inova Solutions to execute its vision of moving from operating on a regional level to operating on a global level to offer better service.

GITA was founded with the purpose of supplying businesses with comprehensive customer support – providing personal engagement, scalability, and consistency across geographies. GITA carefully selects its IT partners, setting strict requirements for IT businesses who want to become partners.

Inova Solutions dedicates itself to developing strategies that continuously improve the service it provides to its customers. We believe that our partnership with GITA helps us in our mission to go above and beyond for our customers, because we can cross borders, assisting with worldwide licensing needs. This is just one example of the additional services we can offer to our clients thanks to our alliance with GITA.

Managing Director of Inova Solutions, Hans Kruithof, told GITA: “Seeing as we operate in the entire Caribbean region, we are used to crossing borders and going above and beyond to serve our clients. But we need to start thinking globally, not only on a regional level. Through our partnership with the Global IT Alliance, we can. For example, by partnering with the members of the GITA and helping their customers with offices they might have in the Caribbean. Also, the other way around, we traditionally have a lot of customers in our region with HQ’s in Europe, that we will be able to help through the other members of the GITA."

What are the requirements to become a GITA partner?

As mentioned before, GITA has set strict requirements for potential partners. A candidate partner goes through a multi-phased vetting and interview process, to confirm that the potential partner meets the GITA requirements, including:

  • Top-level engineering and architect certifications
  • Excellent customer satisfaction ratings
  • Consistent annual revenue threshold
  • Continuous sales team training & certification
  • Service-level authorization at the highest levels
  • Level of investment in joint marketing efforts
  • Participation on global, executive boards


Find out how you can benefit from this partnership!

This partnership once again confirms Inova Solutions’ position as a professional and expert Microsoft Licensing Partner and Cloud Solution Provider. But most importantly, the Inova Solutions team is excited to start offering customers an elevated service thanks to the possibilities this partnership with GITA offers. If you believe your company will be able to reach more through the Inova Solutions and GITA partnership, contact Mrs. Cerila Manuel: info@inovacorporation.com

Read GITA's press release here. 

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