Inova Solutions strengthens Azure expert team

Inova Solutions strengthens Azure expert team

Inova Solutions has recently partnered up with Adric Walter, an experienced Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect and Azure Cloud Engineer, who is passionate about leveraging technology to empower businesses. This partnership is a great addition to Inova Solutions’ portfolio of Azure experts ready to offer solutions to companies who want to take advantage of the benefits of operating their business in the Cloud.  

In recent weeks, the Inova Solutions team and Mr. Walter have been working closely together to launch the Azure Knowledge Hub by Inova Solutions on LinkedIn. The goal for creating this exclusive community in LinkedIn is to help businesses get expert guidance in their Azure journey.  

Mr. Walter is an active member of this community, that launched on February 15th. He will not only share his expertise in Azure services, but also participate in organizing and executing webinars, bootcamps, trainings and events.  

“I’m very excited to be adding more value to Inova Solutions", Mr. Walter says. "The level of professionalism and leadership at this company is impressive. We will work together to realize more adoption of Microsoft Azure in the Caribbean region. The focus is to educate through the Azure Knowledge Hub, and migrate, onboard and do more innovative greenfield projects together for the clients. Azure is an extremely beautiful platform, and we are ready to bring this beauty to everyone!” 

Announcing Partnership with Walterions

Join the Azure Knowledge Hub for guidance through your Azure journey

The first set of exclusive and free trainings that Inova Solutions and Walter will be organizing through the Azure Knowledge Hub is an Azure Bootcamp. This first bootcamp will focus on both Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery. Join the Azure Knowledge Hub on LinkedIn, and keep an eye out on our posts, as registration will open soon! 

About Inova Solutions 
Inova Solutions is the Microsoft trusted provider of cloud services in the Caribbean, with an outstanding Gold Partnership. Its mission is to “Empower organizations of all sizes to create business advantage by adopting digital transformation”. Inova Solutions' focus is to help organizations ensure business continuity by embracing the smart use of technology. The main priority is to establish the ultimate customer experience driving transformational change. 

About Adric Walter 
Adric Walter is the founder and CEO of Walterions, a boutique consultancy firm stationed in Rotterdam that empowers innovative companies in the European Market, the Caribbean region and especially companies operating in the Dutch Caribbean jurisdiction. The firm offers technology consulting and strategies in building online platforms in Microsoft’s Cloud service, Azure. 

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