Inova Solutions team member nominated for Microsoft’s Commercial Executive Award

Inova Solutions team member nominated for Microsoft’s Commercial Executive Award

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico’s only Partner-Commercial Executive (P-CE) for Microsoft, Mrs. Nelva Rosas, has recently been nominated for awards in the Leadership and Negotiation categories for the first half of FY21. Rosas is a Licensing Specialist for Inova Solutions, Microsoft’s trusted cloud solution and licensing partner in the Caribbean and Ecuador.  

The P-CE program was launched in late 2017 to empower licensing solution provider partners (LSP) to grow their business through closer collaboration Microsoft. P-CE’s were formerly known as Microsoft Licensing Specialists. Rosas joined the P-CE group in December 2017. There are 300 P-CE’s worldwide, but only 4 in the Caribbean, including her. 

Rosas has a career full of experience with Microsoft products and describes licensing as her passion.  Having first been a consumer and afterwards a seller of Microsoft business products, she has seen both sides of the coin and can easily sense the needs of her customers and present them with beneficial solutions. 

Inova Solutions is proud of Rosas’ nomination, as her licensing expertise that has helped the company achieve a lot of success, is being acknowledged by Microsoft. Inova Solutions, Microsoft’s trusted Gold partner in the Caribbean region, aims to empower its’ employees at being the best at their job by allotting them time off work to gain new skills by participating in courses and programs.   

Nelva Rosas  PCE

In the P-CE awards for the first half of Microsoft’s FY21, there were nine nominees for the category Leadership, and five for Negotiation. To be nominated for the Leadership category an individual must demonstrate strategic leadership by creating an identity as a trusted advisor, pivoting on the customer’s needs. To be nominated in the Negotiation category, one must use negotiation skills and utilize smart deal making by leading a strategy which drives towards a win-win-situation for all parties involved. The winners were Petra Coenen from Belgium for the Leadership category, and Gina Skonieczny for the United States for the Negotiation category.  

Becoming a P-CE 
To become a P-CE, one is required to have excellent knowledge about licensing and be proficient at a long list of skills, such as sales and technical skills. The main goals of being P-CE are to be self-sufficient in the Microsoft Licensing Specialist role, to lead the Microsoft sales process, to identify and upsell new and existing opportunities, to be a change agent for modern volume licensing solutions and to act as extension of the Microsoft Sales Team.

We congratulate Rosas for going above and beyond! 

About Inova Solutions

Inova Solutions is the Microsoft trusted provider of cloud services in the Caribbean, with an outstanding Gold Partnership. Its mission is to “Empower organizations of all sizes to create business advantage by adopting digital transformation”. Inova Solutions' focus is to help organizations ensure business continuity by embracing the smart use of technology. The main priority is to establish the ultimate customer experience driving transformational change.

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