Secure with Azure Sentinel by Inova Solutions





Secure your company data with Azure Sentinel and earn thousands of dollars in discount!

Inova Solutions is now offering a bundle with all the elements you need to strengthen your cybersecurity standpoint. 

Get everything you need to start hunting down threats in your environment:

  • Guidance for a successful Azure Sentinel deployment

  • Implementation and configuration assistance

  • Continuous monitoring

How it works

Secure with Azure Sentinel


1. Pre-Assessment

A $600-value Azure Sentinel pre-deployment assessment at no cost!

Secure with Azure Sentinel


2. Azure Sentinel Deployment

Plan and deploy with confidence across your entire environment, on- and off-premise

Secure with Azure Sentinel


3. Azure Sentinel Monitoring*

Event monitoring and incident response in a single package

Why secure your company with Inova Solutions and Azure Sentinel? These are the benefits:

1. This solution proactively monitors your company’s cybersecurity, hunting for and stopping threats in their tracks

2. Pre-assessment by Inova Solutions at no cost. Up to US $3100 discount in total deployment!

3. Automate responses to common cyberthreats and incidents

4. Protect your data with the cybersecurity experts from Inova Solutions and its’ partners

5. Complement your existing IT and cybersecurity investments

6. Integrates with your remote monitoring and management, solution and service desk solution

Download the flyer!

Download the flyer!

Discover what's included in the Secure with Sentinel promotion and find out how to connect with an expert.

About Inova Solutions

Inova Solutions is the Microsoft trusted provider of cloud services in the Caribbean, with an outstanding Gold Partnership. Its mission is to “Empower organizations of all sizes to create business advantage by adopting digital transformation”. Inova Solutions' focus is to help organizations ensure business continuity by embracing the smart use of technology. The main priority is to establish the ultimate customer experience driving transformational change. We are committed to excellence in evolving Microsoft technologies and maximizing the benefits that clients receive by skillfully implementing Microsoft solutions.