Software Procurement

Software Procurement

The right asset for the job is not always the cheapest offering available.

We will examine all aspects of the project to ensure that the right products and services are procured to help propel your business further.

Purchasing software solutions is a process comprising many layers of complexity, from cost to training to after sales support. Even with deployment there are considerations that must be ironed out before the completion of any purchase.

Choosing software also, in many cases, means establishing a relationship with that specific vendor for training and after sales support. Inova Solutions excels at this aspect of the consultancy. Let us use the tools and services at our disposal to save your organization time and effort and leverage our experience for the following:

  • Accurate Usage Reporting
  • Flexible License Options based on specific customer needs for On-Premise Software (i.e. EA, MPSA, OV)
  • Contract Renewal Management.

How does this benefit you?

Inova Solutions is part of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP-T1) and the License Solutions Partner (LSP) programs. As member of these programs we are suited to provide you with the right Licensing procurement model (E.g. Enterprise Agreement or CSP Subscriptions).

Going through the procurement process can be very time consuming and when you do not have a dedicated team to do the organization’s buying this can be challenging. By passing this responsibility to us, you are benefitted in the following ways:

  • Decreases IT Costs
  • Reduces Procurement Lead Times
  • Increases your IT Environment’s security
  • Offers Flexible Payment Options
  • Manages your IT consumption
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Get a glimpse of our Portal

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