Training means Train!

Training means Train!

We must distinguish between knowing how to do something and understanding why it must be done in a certain way.

by Jasper Kraak, October 11th, 2019

Digital Transformation, Adoption, learning methods, Adoption Specialists, Onboarding specialists, migration specialists. We can do it cheap and fast. Ouch. There is no cheap and fast when looking at Value.

We, as in the “communities”, are making mistakes. We must distinguish between knowing how to do something and understanding why it must be done in a certain way. Sometimes knowing the how-to is good enough. But when we look at Digital Transformation and Adoption, the real Value comes from a thorough understanding by all involved on the WHY.

Why is a business process structured like it is? Understanding that, and only then, we can find new ways of getting the same results by effectively using the right tools in the right way. Efficiency is about “Doing things the right way”. Effectiveness Is about “Doing the right things”.

Basically, we need to do 2 things during the Journey of Adoption/Digital Transformation:

  1. Inclusion. From C-level Management to frontline workers, all need to be involved. Involved, get that?
  2. Training. It means Train!

Training is not the same as watching a “how-do-I-….” video on YouTube or attending a Webinar/Seminar. Training means practice, repetition, endurance, discipline, making mistakes, learning to understand why it is as it is. Training is an action; one needs to allocate time for it. Results will take a while.

A year ago, I bought myself a new Rickenbacker bass-guitar. I dream of being on stage, playing like Paul Grey or Bruce Foxton. Keep on dreaming, I pick up the instrument no more than 30 minutes a week. It makes no sense to go to the gym for 8 hours straight. When you look in the mirror the next day, you’ll see no difference.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I tell my students that the Labs are not about getting them done successfully. The Labs are about spending time, practicing, learning to understand the why of the technology. The students train!

A new insight is not good enough if you do not practice the actions that come out of the new insight. The insight gives a moment of “aha”. After practicing it becomes obvious. You cannot learn how to ride a bicycle from a book.

Just saying: don’t go for cheap and fast! No such thing……

Happy Training!

Jasper Kraak

Source: http://www.kraak.com/?p=2838

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