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What customers are saying

At Inova Solutions, we strive to successfully provide an outstanding experience for every customer and student. Below are just a few of the comments/testimonials received from our customers.

”Very informative course. I have a better grasp of visio now”
Lisa C. Bahamas Government
”I really enjoyed this session because, it gave me additional insight in utilizing MS Project 2010”
Department of information
”This course was provided an exceptional, hands-on user experience that was very beneficial”
Tammy Smith
“Course objectives were clear and well presented by the instructor”
“All objectives of course was obtained and exceed. Course was very informative and spiked interest to learn more, to improve knowledge”
“The course content & lecture’s ability to bring his real world experiences made the class very informative and eye opening, as many principles, and the policies needed were highlighted by the teacher”
“This course was enlightening and opens a new world of communication through graphics. I look forward to mastering the tool”
Michelle A. Lewis-Francis - Central Bank TT
“Inova Solutions delivered out Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to us. We have been satisfied with their support and advice on Microsoft licenses solutions and are considered our trusted advisor for Microsoft licensing”
Vaughn Hazell, Government of Aguilla
“The course met expectations. Subsequently, I was able to acquire additional knowledge and increase my skill set”
Robert Amora, iGovTT
“Taking part in this training was very beneficial to me as it enabled me to perform duties in the work environment with more ease. I would recommend this training to anyone that is remotely interested in the field of project management and even for those just wanting basic knowledge in the field”
Devon Dickson, iGovTT
“Training was very well scheduled and the trainer was very knowledgeable on content. The training was very enjoyable”
Zahir Mohammed, iGovTT
“I found the SAB (Software Assurance Benefit) engagement to be very informative and helpful. We were able to clear some issues we have in how to proceed in getting ordering new software and access the different training benefits that we are entitled to under the agreement.

We really appreciate the presenters taking note of our concerns and providing those notes to the different department/vendors in the “follow up” meetings that we have had.

Since we have the agreement with INOVA we have had no problems with the service they have provided”

Carlson Bradley, Customs & Excise Department Belize

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