How do you benefit from implementing an all-in-one business communication solution?

Inova Solutions helps you implement the modern work solution that fits your business and integrate it seamlessly with other user platforms.

Stay up to date

Communicate with your colleagues, or your entire team, in channels or chats.

Send your meeting invites

Reserve that time slot! Send your meeting invites for conference or video calls using the calendar function.

Just a call away

Have a quick chat with a colleague through voice or video calls.

Show your creative side

Change your virtual background or upload your own!

Share with your team

Easily share your screen to show your team what you’re working on.

Never lose your meeting notes

Integrate applications so you can easily take notes or do a poll during a call.

Allow focus time

Want to focus without interruption? Simply put your status on do not disturb and put notifications on silent.

Use on any device

You don’t need to be sitting at a desktop to stay connected with your team – join from your tablet, phone, or laptop.

Are you tired of juggling multiple communication tools that just don’t cut it?
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