How does your IT Security score? Do Inova's IT Health Check to find out!

When thinking about your IT environment, you might wonder:

Are the data generated and the digital workplaces of my employees adequately protected from cyberthreats? How can I effectively monitor the security of my IT environment?


The IT Health Check tool helps you assess several areas within your IT environment to determine how you score. Think about the tools you have in place for endpoint protection and management, mailbox protection or identity management. After the check is completed, you will receive a report which details your cybersecurity standpoint and what you can do to improve it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, do the IT Health Check now!

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    Inova Solutions is the Microsoft trusted provider of Cloud Solutions in the Caribbean and Ecuador. We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner with extensive knowledge of software licensing. Our mission is: “Empowering organizations of all sizes to create business advantages by adopting digital transformation”.


    Inova Solutions’ unique formula is to assist organizations so they can lead the way through the smart use of technology, be able to continue to serve their customers and employees in the best way possible and ensure business continuity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Inova Solutions is headquartered in Willemstad, Curacao. We operate in the entire Caribbean region and Ecuador, with offices in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and Ecuador.

    We offer several IT solutions and products. We are a Microsoft partner, providing Microsoft licenses and subscriptions. Our products include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Power BI and more. Through our partnership with Microsoft, we also offer Cloud and security solutions, as well as storage solutions such as SharePoint, and many more.

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