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Discover a selection of our solutions tailored to your business needs:

Managed Services

Relax and let Inova Solutions handle your IT
environment. We offer monitoring,
maintenance, and support, allowing you to
concentrate on your core business.


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Guardian 360: Data Protection

Don’t wait until it’s too late, protect your
data now! Backup your data and
ensure business continuity.


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Ongoing Cloud Support

Your IT infrastructure is secured for
unexpected events. In case of any issues, you’ll
receive support with minimal downtime and
reduced impact on your end users.


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Guardian 360: Data Defender

Proactively detect threats before they impact
your business! Keep your organization’s data
protected and ensure uninterrupted business
operations with comprehensive coverage for your
Microsoft 365 environment


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Cloud Migration Services

Migrate resources and mailboxes from onpremises servers and/or computers to a cloud
environment and reap the benefits of cost
savings, scalability, increased uptime, and more.


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Cloud Security Assessment

Keep your business secure. Gain insights into
vulnerabilities in your Microsoft environment
and areas for improvement. Get actionable tasks
to enhance security.


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Business Application Solutions

Maximize growth by integrating your business
processes. From all-in-one ERP solutions to
intelligent business analytics, discover the business
solution that empowers your organization.


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Software Asset Management (SAM)

Optimize your software potential through
efficient asset management. Discover licensing
gaps and enhance software lifecycle


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Modern Workplace Solutions

Create an efficient and empowering
workspace that meets the needs of your
business and employees for productivity and


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Cloud Threat Assessment

Enhance your defense against threats with our
threat assessment. We’ll collaborate to strengthen
your Cloud security within budget constraints,
helping you achieve your security objectives.


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Explore our complete range of offerings and discover how we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.
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