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September 4, 2023

Eliminate work stress with an email signature management tool

Manually creating, updating, and maintaining email signatures for every employee within your organization can generate stress for those tasked with the responsibility. Additionally, the potential for errors significantly increases when manually overseeing each and every email signature within the organization. By streamlining and automating signatures, you ensure a consistent sign-off for all your company e-mails. Some platforms, such as Exclaimer, integrate with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

E-mail signatures are no longer IT’s job, and why should they be?
There are so many ways to boost your brand with email signatures, so let the creatives manage it. At Inova Solutions, the Marketing team manages all company signatures with Exclaimer, keeping them up to date with our latest campaigns and news. Furthermore, we can create different groups for e-mail signatures, separate internal email signatures from external, add legal and compliance texts and use the built in analytics tool to see performance.

We’ve long ago given up manually managing signatures, as this is time-consuming and complicated to manage, and have been using Exclaimer as our email signature management tool for years. Here’s a couple of reasons why the Inova Solutions team is enthusiastic about this platform:

  1. It helps us boost our marketing campaigns and news
    Our email signatures have become another marketing channel we can use, because people spend lots of time viewing and responding to emails. Better yet, there’s no competition: when someone reads our email, they’re only seeing our content. That’s why we’ve seen great results from using banners and other marketing elements to boost our marketing campaigns with our email signatures. We also like to add important news and other highlights, such as our Microsoft Curaçao Partner of the Year win.
  2. Adding consistency to our branding
    Maintaining a consistent image in our marketing communication efforts is important. All employees use standardized signatures which naturally includes their contact information, but also our logo and other branding elements we use to support our marketing efforts.
  3. Being able to create multiple e-mail templates
    With Exclaimer, we are able to create multiple signature templates for internal or external e-mails and for senders in our Ecuador, Puerto Rico or Caribbean team. We can also narrow the settings down to exclude individual senders and implement advanced rules for each template.
  4. Add the right legal and compliance messaging
    Our compliance and legal messaging is included in our signatures, eliminating the compliance and legal risks of incorrect or missing e-mail disclaimers.
  5. Limited technical knowledge needed
    It’s easy to use Exclaimer’s drag-and-drop editor for designing our latest e-mail signature. We usually make changes to our signatures within minutes and are able to test the changes right within the tool.
  6. Insights to help us make data-driven decisions
    The analytics dashboard gives us insight into usage and engagement so we can track the effectives of our campaigns. We can see how many emails have been sent with a specific template, and the corresponding engagement rate.

How does Exclaimer connect with my Microsoft 365 or Exchange environment?
Here’s where our expertise comes in. We can help you set up your Exclaimer integration with Microsoft 365 or Exchange, enabling auto-updating so your sender details are always up to date. Of course, we have the inhouse experience to guide you in getting the best use of your Exclaimer subscription. Exclaimer’s available subscriptions are the Starter, Standard and Pro plan, depending on your business’ needs. Contact us to discuss the right plan for you.

Say goodbye to managing your email signatures manually! Let us help you integrate Exclaimer with your Microsoft 356 of Exchange environment. Contact us for a discovery call today!



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