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September 6, 2022

Success Stories: RJRGLEANER Communications Group makes head start in digital transformation of media industry

Partner: Inova Solutions | Client: RJRGLEANER Group | Location: Jamaica | Size: 700+ employees | Industry: Media

When thinking of a media company innovating, you might think of it revolutionizing the way news, sports and entertainment is delivered to viewers, readers, and listeners. But at Jamaican media company RJRGLEANER Group there was also a drive to revolutionize the company from within; to embrace the advantages of digital transformation and build a smarter workplace for staff members.

The company recently managed to further differentiate themselves in their respective industry when they partnered up with Inova Solutions, who facilitated their migration to Microsoft 365’s modern workplace platform. The transition has helped RJRGLEANER Group increase employee efficiency and collaboration, ultimately allowing the company to provide better service to its clients.

The media giant is home to several print and digital media platforms in Jamaica. Their platforms strive to bring those who tune in the best in credible news, current affairs, human interest stories, sports, family entertainment and music.

RJRGLEANER Group for quite some time had been looking to revolutionize its Information Communication, Engineering and Technology Platforms and this included innovating the technology that staff members utilized to collaborate and serve customers with.

At the time, the company struggled with productivity and collaboration issues. Employees invested a lot of hours in a day on one task: calendaring. Arranging meetings that fit into the schedule of everyone required to attend, and individually confirming attendance of employees afterwards was an inefficient and unproductive process.

Furthermore, the Sales team used to spend hours traveling and setting up before giving presentations to contacts out of office (imagine getting there and realize you forgot your laptop charger?), only to pack up and travel back to the office afterwards. Later, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it became impossible for the Sales team members to visit clients without risking the health of themselves and others.

Driving Differentiation Through Digital Transformation

The media company knew that, if it wanted to drive differentiation from competitors in the market, it needed to take a step in this part of its digital transformation by changing the way staff members were able to communicate and collaborate with both their colleagues and customers. RJRGLEANER Company chose to connect with the trusted Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for Microsoft in the Caribbean, Inova Solutions.

The CSP partner offered its full support in RJRGLEANER Group’s digital transformation journey to optimize productivity and collaboration, with the media company’s end goal being to improve their services to customers. The Microsoft certified experts at Inova Solutions took note of the challenges the media company was facing and advised a tailor-made solution, designed specifically for RJRGLEANER Group. Inova Solutions also advised on any inquiries, about for example security or compliance, that the media company had.

Together, the partners assessed and discussed the opportunities that Microsoft 365 presented. Microsoft 365 provides a secure and modern workplace platform as a viable source of being able to solve the collaboration and communication issues that existed in the company.

Once the decision was made to migrate to Microsoft 365’s modern workplace, Inova Solutions provided RJRGLEANER Group with the tools needed to effectively empower communication and collaboration between colleagues, and clients alike, which will undoubtedly generate new ideas and drive innovation. The services provided by Inova Solutions included the software licenses and migration, implementation, and support services. The Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) at Inova Solutions additionally provided formal Administrator Training and Adoption Training.

Adoption Made the Difference

The adoption sessions hosted by Inova Solutions Jamaica consisted of delivery of workshops, that are used todrive usability of the technology with staff, groups and teams. It is to allow teams to collaborate and engage more, in order for deeper and more productive interactions to take place. This by extension improves productivity and drives effectiveness.

The adoption sessions for the RJRGLEANER Group will allow for the entire group to be powered and enabled by the Modern Workplace Platform of Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365) to serve and engage the citizens with speed and agility.

Below is an overview of the normal flow of an adoption session:

  • Office 365 Suite Overview
  • Microsoft SharePoint (basic)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft PowerAutomate (basic)
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft My Analytics (Only for Heads of Department)

For the adoption sessions for RJRGLEANER Group, Inova Solutions Jamaica focused on 5 key groups and hosted a total of 8 sessions:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Administration
  • Editorial and Newsroom
  • Heads of Departments
  • Board Members (four sessions were hosted)

A World of Difference

The migration makes a world of difference to RJRGLEANER Group, because it allows the media company to be unique by providing them with an ability to differentiate in the way they serve, engage, and provide their products and services to customers.

Calendaring runs smoothly now, because with the availability of Microsoft Outlook and Teams through Microsoft 365, employees can use the scheduling assistant feature to schedule meetings for various employees.

The Sales team can focus more on the content of their sales presentations for clients and close that amazing deal, instead of stressing and rushing while traveling and struggling with set up. With the use of Microsoft Teams, staff members can host online meetings, do their presentations, and drive deal closure with clients faster – all from behind their desk.

“RJGLEANER Group team members all across our Group are excited and engaged, now more than ever before in much more of our business processes. The led Teams adoption process is making us a stronger and more efficient team,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gary Allen

The transition the Microsoft 365’s modern workplace ultimately positions RJRGLEANER Group as more technologically advanced and apt compared to their competitors. This is part of their strategic vision to advance their content creation, delivery of that content and creation of products and delivery of items.

Michael Henlin, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), looks back on a successful migration process thanks to Inova Solutions: “The professionalism and expertise of Inova Solutions guided us through a successful migration process, from conceptualization to implementation and adoption.”

In total, 741 users across RJRGLEANER Group were assisted by Inova Solutions in their migration.

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