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September 6, 2022

5 Ways PowerApps Accelerates Achieving Your Business Goals

No idea is too out of the box when working with Microsoft PowerApps. Businesses are always looking for ways to offer their customers an increasingly exceptional experience, as this can ultimately drive sales. What if those ideas could easily be translated into an app? With Microsoft PowerApps, a brilliant idea for an app can become a reality.


Imagine a situation where a retail store owner wants to use available data to offer the best product selection and combinations to cross-sell a purchase, with just a barcode scan? What if the retailer wants to reduce carbon footprint, and e-mail receipts instead of printing them, while simultaneously having a way to stay in contact with customers? This world of possibilities opens with PowerApps. In fact, 60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities.* The best thing is, you do not have to be a coding genius or expert app developer, because you do not need a single line of code to build with PowerApps. According to Microsoft, IT application development is gravitating towards low-code and high-productivity platforms like PowerApps to minimize cost and support rapidly changing business needs.


So, are you ready to become a #PowerAddict or do you need a little more convincing? In any case, here is a list of ways PowerApps can accelerate you achieving your business goals.


1. You can build apps without risk: PowerApps connect apps to your data, so you are always ready to act on new insights, all without compromising your security, governance, and compliance standards. Allow employees to excel and add business value by quickly and securely developing innovative apps to reduce inefficiencies and solve business challenges.


2. App development is simplified without constraints: Just because a staff member might not have a technical background, does not mean that they would not have a great idea for an app that might increase efficiency, reduce cost or improve customer experience. For example, staff members who deal with customers first and define the customer experience, have the best knowledge of customer needs, and might have ideas on how to react to them. Developing apps is made easy with PowerApps, so even a non-technical employee can bring a brilliant app idea to life, without limiting development possibilities. App development can be streamlined for non-technical team members and seasoned developers alike with out-of-the-box components and limitless customization options.


3. Apps can be deployed quickly, while value can be added continuously: In the everchanging world of today, businesses need to be able to respond to changes and developments quickly to stay competitive. PowerApps makes it possible to launch working apps in a fraction of the time with a platform designed for quick deployment, so businesses can deliver value fast and continuously evolve features for more benefit.By being able to deploy apps quickly, you can increase your competitiveness in your respective field. According to research, 80% of executives at Fortune 1000 and other industry-leading companies are concerned about threats from more agile, data-first companies. *


4. Data can be integrated with just a few clicks: Do not let the data you’ve acquired sit and collect dust! In fact, 70% of organizations believe their data is not used to its fullest extent. * Instead, create business apps with PowerApps that act on the data you collect and use every day. Capture new data directly, integrate data from hundreds of sources with pre-built custom APIs, and easily act on insights.


5. Infuse AI to add powerful InApp Intelligence: Step into the future – there are so many ways we can benefit from artificial intelligence, making our processes more efficient. As a matter of fact, 50% of work activities globally have the potential to be automated using current technology. *


Let’s take for example a product distributor that has products over a wide variety of physical locations. An important factor is always having enough stock of each product at every location. With PowerApps, a company can easily create an app where it can (A) use a picture of the product to identify it, (B) tag the product with the correct description, and program the app to count the number of a specific product present on a shelve. Imagine how much time this would save a merchandising team; they wouldn’t have to continuously spend hours of their time counting and reporting stock and will have time to visit more accounts. Furthermore, the possibility of mistakes is limited, while the company immediately has real-time access to stock reporting.


In conclusion, PowerApps offers businesses that want to be front runners in a quickly evolving world the opportunity to be able to safely develop low-code apps that allow them to immediately respond to changes, make optimal use of data and be more efficient. Are you curious to know how your overall business can benefit from PowerApps and how you can build apps on a platform without limits, like Azure? Book a discovery call with the Cloud solution experts at Inova Solutions today! 



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